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Artisan Creamery - Sonoma County, California
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A Family Affair
A former nurse, Cindy Callahan founded Bellwether Farm in 1986. For a woman to undergo such a life change in her 50s was unusual to say the least. But it led to an exciting and rewarding adventure in tending to sheep and raising lambs.

A casual suggestion by a friend to milk the sheep opened Cindy’s eyes to the potential of a sheep dairy farm. She embraced the challenge with customary enthusiasm, bringing the rest of her family along for the very eventful ride. To this day, Cindy assists in the delivery of nearly every lamb on the farm.

Liam comes on board
Cindy’s son Liam was finishing his degree in Political Economy at U.C. Berkeley when his mother suggested he learn about sheep milking and cheese making with her. Liam made the jump from Political Economy to the sheep dairy business without missing a beat.

It was a match made in cheese heaven. Liam’s dedication to creating cheese of the highest quality has made his work more a labor of love than a job. Using traditional methods, Liam makes every pound of cheese produced by Bellwether Farms. Frankly, we’re pretty sure he wouldn’t have it any other way.
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