Beer Cheese Soup by Chef Chad Johnson

Beer Cheese Soup by Chef Chad Johnson
Recipe courtesy of Chef Chad Johnson of SideBern's
Bellwether Farm’s Crescenza fondue, local pork belly, tomatoes, whipped Guinness
Recipe yields 8 servings

Soup Base
1. Heat cream and milk over medium heat, slowly whisk in Crescenza 1 tablespoon at a time
2. Once all of the Crescenza is incorporated, add Parmigiano-Reggiano and nutmeg

Pork Belly 1. Place pork in a non-reactive container, cover with brine, leave for 12 hours
2. Remove pork from brine, rinse with cool water
3. Coarsely chop apple and onions, place in a pot with the herbs, spices, and white wine
4. Simmer until reduced by half, cool, leave solids in liquid
5. Place pork and wine solution in a cryovac bag, cryovac to a full seal
6. Cook pork en sous vide at 63 degrees (C) for 12 hours
7. Remove pork from water bath, leave pork in bag, and place in an ice bath
8. Once the pork is iced, press the pork with 10# of evenly distributed weight, cool/press for 1 hour
9. Once cool, remove pork from bag, discard any aromatics
10. Cut pork into ¾” dice

½ gallon water
½ cup kosher salt
¼ cup granulated sugar

1. Place all items in a non-reactive pan and heat until dissolved, cool

Tomatoes 1. Half tomatoes through the stem end
2. Toss tomatoes in a bowl with the olive oil and thyme
3. Dehydrate tomatoes and 120 degrees (F) for 8 hours

Whipped Beer 1. Place all ingredients in blender, blend on low until all ingredients are incorporated2. Once ingredients are incorporated, blend on highest speed for 30 seconds
3. Transfer mixture to the bowl of a stand mixer
4. Whip on high for 5 minutes, allow foam to ‘rest’ for 10 minutes prior to serving

1. Cook diced pork belly in a 350-degree (F) deep fryer for 2 minutes, until golden brown
2. Ladle 3oz of soup base in the bottom of a warm soup bowl
3. Scatter fried pork belly on top of the soup,
4. Top half of the pork belly pieces with a dried tomato
5. Place dollops of whipped beer on top of the other half of the pork belly
6. Garnish dish with coarsely ground black pepper and arugula leaves